New Millennium Bank - The call was poor

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New Millennium Bank - Savings Account

Kearneysville, West Virginia 0 comments
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New Millinem bank has held my $500.00 for 2 months and 10 days after I requested it.There representative Millinda #2426 who I spoke with 10/19/2010 claims a check was mailed.However they have no procedure in place to let them know if checks are lost/stolen from the mail.

When the bank mails a new card you must call them advising you have received the card.

They have refuse to over night my money or add interest to the check.I'm a veteran on disablity and I need money today.I paid the master card account each month and was in veru good standing even though I was gauged by their very high interest rates.

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New Millennium Bank - They did not do a thing

Columbus, Ohio 0 comments

Hi my name is Tawnya Penix i would like my money back it was 49 dallors for to credit cards it is not what i thought it was and i would like you to refund my money my address is 401 n High st Jackson oh 45640 Thank you Tawnya Penix i did not know that i had to put 300 hundred in a checkin account for me to get a credit card i think that is wrong and i want my money back this month would be nice if i could get my money back thank you tawnya penix

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New Millennium Bank - New Millenium Bank

Tacoma, Washington 0 comments
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My account was closed from the bank from being 30 days late which was my fault but since the account is closed and I payed off what I owed, they are still withdrawing from my checking account.I'm just paying interest fees from that bank and they made enough money on me as it is for the past 2 years and deposit and processing fees for 2 cards, all to rebuild my credit.

There goes 300 bucks and some.It all just looked worse on my credit. I can recall using the card for 12 times.

The customer service is bad and unhelpful.They have gave me a run around and its very frustrating especially when a company like that just want more money.

New Millennium Bank - Overlimit charge unjustified

Houston, Texas 0 comments
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New mill charged me fees that put my account over limit & then added fees 4 over limit due 2 their internal charges.I have seen fee happy actions but this tops them all.

My account is secured so they can simply sieze my savings but why do that when u can fee a guy 2 death & then report them 2 credit bureau negatively 2 be sure they can't get a normal card.

It is very irritating 2 have them be so greedy. I will close my account since they r hurting me not helping.

be sure 2 research who u deal with.if someone referred u they r probably getting a fee to mislead u

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